Wednesday, 18 December 2019

Need more customers in 2020? Local expert Leaflet Distribution company has a cost effective solution!

You needn’t look far! Letterbox Smart who are based in Carlisle offers a one stop shop for Design, Print & GPS Tracked Leaflet Distribution and can distribute your leaflets/flyers to many rural villages. You can also choose to supply them with flyers you have already had printed too. I am using them for my own clients and received fantastic service. 

The most common questions often with leaflet drops are; 

Will my leaflet be wrapped in a newspaper or lost amongst other leaflets? 
Letterbox Smart will only deliver your leaflet/flyer along with a maximum of 2 other companies giving you maximum impact on when they are posted through a home letterbox. 
They always ensure that your leaflet/flyer is not going out with competing companies on the same rounds.

How do I know that my leaflet/flyer has definitely been delivered? 
Letterbox Smart only employ adults to deliver your leaflets and every delivery is GPS Tracked to ensure that each target zone is properly saturated. Bespoke software is also used to manage every aspect of your marketing campaign so you can be sure your leaflets will be delivered to the homes in the areas that you have chosen from the zoned maps they provide. 

You will also receive distribution reports throughout the campaign so you know when each round has been issued for delivery and completed, very useful for you when measuring the response from your marketing campaign. 

How much does it cost? Is it expensive? 
Letterbox Smart is very cost effective and they even have various Distribution rates on offer, the lowest un-targeted rate, working out as little as just 3.5 pence a letterbox.

Feedback from customers is saying that Letterbox Smart is more cost effective than Radio, Local papers & local magazines, as it enables you to target many more homes for less!  Getting your double sided front page advert on every door mat.

Letterbox Smart offer the lowest prices for high quality leaflet print by far! 
For example:- 10,000 A6 double sided leaflets Only £69.

Letterbox Smart also offer a professional design service if required for your Leaflet artwork.  They even offer FREE artwork with any order for 15,000+ for Print & Distribution.

Can I choose specific areas that I want my flyers to go to?
Yes, you can get really targeted if you wish. Letterbox Smart have zoned maps for Carlisle and all the towns they cover.  These enable you to select specific areas you want to target and they can give you a price for doing so.

If you aren’t sure where to start etc, Letterbox Smart are also on hand with their vast knowledge and experience to help you build a bespoke leaflet marketing campaign to maximise your profits!  Un-targeted options available too!

How do I get a quote or more information? 
Very easy and fast to get a quote from Letterbox Smart – you can contact them via a variety of means. You can request a quote via their website or send them a DM on any of their social media platforms including LinkedIn. Or you can call them 01228 737601. Do note their opening times- for the full list,

Listed some of the places your leaflet/flyer can go to 
(Contact Letterbox Smart for a copy of the zoned maps and full village list too!):
Carlisle, Whitehaven, Workington, Maryport, Cockermouth, Wigton, Brampton, Egremont, Cleator Moor, Moor Row, Gosforth, Seaascale, Brigham, Calder Bridge, Thurnsfield, Warwick Bridge, Wreay, Great Orton, Hayton, Heads Nook, Rockcliffe, Scotby, Burch by sands, Farlam, Talking, Thursday, Houghton, Greystone, Gilgarren, Plumbland, Threpland, Tallintire, Sandwich, Remain, Dovenby, Eagles field, Caldbeck, Blindcrake, Flimby, Dearham, Crosscanonby & Crosby, Ennerdale, Dean, Brought moor, Branthwaite, Thornhill, Siloth, Aspatria, Seaton, Lowca, low Moresby, Bigrigg, moor row, Arlecdon, Great Brought, St Bees, Frizington, Cleator, Beckermet,Alston and rise, Uldale...

You can find our more information on their website or get all their latest and examples of their work with local businesses on their social media pages;
Facebook Instagram @Letterboxsmart 
on Twitter @LetterboxSmart and on LinkedIn Letterbox Smart Leaflet Distribution Cumbria

(A small fee was accepted for this write up)

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