Friday, 6 December 2019

Mission Christmas Appeal for more gifts for Teenage Boys!

I have long admired and supported CFM Cash for Kids including their Mission Christmas campaign and it is so easy to support it, when you do your shopping, just simply add another item and drop it off in their Mission Christmas boxes. The impact that your gift/s will make on a child or a teen will last a lifetime as well as ease the pressure of the parents who are already faced with many bills. It would truly make their Christmas!

Mission Christmas ensures that children and teenagers here in Cumbria have a present to open this Christmas morning. There is a shocking and sad statistic that 1 in 3 children are living in poverty so your gift/s are really needed. 
Also when you donate your gifts, CFM Cash for Kids make sure they get it to disadvantaged children near you. All gifts should be new and unwrapped, and you can drop them off at locations across our area. To find your nearest drop off, just head to the map on There are a 126 drop off points all over Cumbria, so do head to their website and type your postcode in to find out where you can drop off the gifts.

I had met Sara Oldham recently who is the charity executive at CFM Cash for Kids and had asked how it was going and she said that the response by the local people of Cumbria has been fantastic as well as the kindness of many local businesses to the many volunteers that have been helping out. She did mentioned that they are need more gifts for the teenagers, particularly teenage boys and suggested things like footballs, deodorant and socks.

Inspired by that, me and my family have gone and bought a number of items for them to gift to teenage boys. We had then dropped it off that the drop-off box at the B&M branch at St. Nicholas Gate Retail Park in Carlisle. When we dropped the items in the box, we had noted things like pyjamas so there can many items you can gift. 

So why not join in this community campaign and drop a gift/s off a drop off site to make a child or teen's Christmas! 

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