Wednesday, 18 December 2019

Need more customers in 2020? Local expert Leaflet Distribution company has a cost effective solution!

You needn’t look far! Letterbox Smart who are based in Carlisle offers a one stop shop for Design, Print & GPS Tracked Leaflet Distribution and can distribute your leaflets/flyers to many rural villages. You can also choose to supply them with flyers you have already had printed too. I am using them for my own clients and received fantastic service. 

The most common questions often with leaflet drops are; 

Will my leaflet be wrapped in a newspaper or lost amongst other leaflets? 
Letterbox Smart will only deliver your leaflet/flyer along with a maximum of 2 other companies giving you maximum impact on when they are posted through a home letterbox. 
They always ensure that your leaflet/flyer is not going out with competing companies on the same rounds.

How do I know that my leaflet/flyer has definitely been delivered? 
Letterbox Smart only employ adults to deliver your leaflets and every delivery is GPS Tracked to ensure that each target zone is properly saturated. Bespoke software is also used to manage every aspect of your marketing campaign so you can be sure your leaflets will be delivered to the homes in the areas that you have chosen from the zoned maps they provide. 

You will also receive distribution reports throughout the campaign so you know when each round has been issued for delivery and completed, very useful for you when measuring the response from your marketing campaign. 

How much does it cost? Is it expensive? 
Letterbox Smart is very cost effective and they even have various Distribution rates on offer, the lowest un-targeted rate, working out as little as just 3.5 pence a letterbox.

Feedback from customers is saying that Letterbox Smart is more cost effective than Radio, Local papers & local magazines, as it enables you to target many more homes for less!  Getting your double sided front page advert on every door mat.

Letterbox Smart offer the lowest prices for high quality leaflet print by far! 
For example:- 10,000 A6 double sided leaflets Only £69.

Letterbox Smart also offer a professional design service if required for your Leaflet artwork.  They even offer FREE artwork with any order for 15,000+ for Print & Distribution.

Can I choose specific areas that I want my flyers to go to?
Yes, you can get really targeted if you wish. Letterbox Smart have zoned maps for Carlisle and all the towns they cover.  These enable you to select specific areas you want to target and they can give you a price for doing so.

If you aren’t sure where to start etc, Letterbox Smart are also on hand with their vast knowledge and experience to help you build a bespoke leaflet marketing campaign to maximise your profits!  Un-targeted options available too!

How do I get a quote or more information? 
Very easy and fast to get a quote from Letterbox Smart – you can contact them via a variety of means. You can request a quote via their website or send them a DM on any of their social media platforms including LinkedIn. Or you can call them 01228 737601. Do note their opening times- for the full list,

Listed some of the places your leaflet/flyer can go to 
(Contact Letterbox Smart for a copy of the zoned maps and full village list too!):
Carlisle, Whitehaven, Workington, Maryport, Cockermouth, Wigton, Brampton, Egremont, Cleator Moor, Moor Row, Gosforth, Seaascale, Brigham, Calder Bridge, Thurnsfield, Warwick Bridge, Wreay, Great Orton, Hayton, Heads Nook, Rockcliffe, Scotby, Burch by sands, Farlam, Talking, Thursday, Houghton, Greystone, Gilgarren, Plumbland, Threpland, Tallintire, Sandwich, Remain, Dovenby, Eagles field, Caldbeck, Blindcrake, Flimby, Dearham, Crosscanonby & Crosby, Ennerdale, Dean, Brought moor, Branthwaite, Thornhill, Siloth, Aspatria, Seaton, Lowca, low Moresby, Bigrigg, moor row, Arlecdon, Great Brought, St Bees, Frizington, Cleator, Beckermet,Alston and rise, Uldale...

You can find our more information on their website or get all their latest and examples of their work with local businesses on their social media pages;
Facebook Instagram @Letterboxsmart 
on Twitter @LetterboxSmart and on LinkedIn Letterbox Smart Leaflet Distribution Cumbria

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Remove the Stress & Plastic out of Christmas with a local Boxed Fresh Christmas Veg Box

Get all you need for your Christmas Dinner with a Boxed Fresh Christmas Veg box delivered for free to your door (for households in and around Carlisle)- two options; a Couple's box 2-3 people for just £10 and a Family Box for 4-6 people. It all comes plastic free in a recyclable box and all orders gets FREE Clementines. 

LAST ORDERS for your Christmas Veg box is this week so do put your order in by midday this Friday 20th Dec. You can order via various routes; call 07308 952166, email and via Facebook

What's in the box?
  • Potatoes 
  • Carrots 
  • Parnips
  • Brussel Sprouts
  • Swede
  • Cauliflower
  • Red Cabbage
  • Leeks
  • Onions
  • FREE Clementines
Also they will be launching their weekly Veg Box deliveries in January 2020 so keep an eye on their website as well as their Facebook and Instagram @boxedfreshveg 

Tuesday, 10 December 2019

Windermere-based website & software company that’s “The Perfect Fit” for your business!

You might have seen their social media posts showing off the new office, the views of their daily commute to work on the Windermere Ferry and their lovely springer spaniel dog named Joss – who has been named after Cumbrian fell runner Joss Naylor! This is the newly relocated Iosys Web Technologies Ltd who have now made Windermere in the heart of the Lake District their home. They recently relocated from Leicestershire bringing with them extensive experience and the skills to enhance any business they work alongside.    

The company develops a wide range of bespoke websites from those ideal for small business to highly detailed e-commerce online shops– all of which are mobile-friendly as standard and hosted on dedicated servers rather than shared platforms.  

They make bespoke websites, tailored to suit what your business or establishment offers, and fully manage the sites they create without charging for general updates.

In addition to websites, Iosys are skilled bespoke software developers, creating business software applications that fit client requirements exactly - perfect fit not nearest match, hence their company strapline “The Perfect Fit.”

Iosys offer exceptional value for money. Unlike many other web developers, their services are fully managed, they don’t charge for general updates and domain names and SSL security are included as standard.

Craig Johnson, director at Iosys Web Technologies Ltd

So why not contact them now for more information or a quote; they are always ready to help-  super responsive to direct messages via their social media pages (Facebook Instagram @iosyswebtech and Twitter @IosysWebTech )  or if you can give them a call on 01539 889000 to chat further on your requirements. You can also find out more on their website

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Monday, 9 December 2019


“I’m so bored… what should I do?” It’s a phrase familiar to most parents – especially at weekends and during the long school holidays.

Thankfully if you live in north Cumbria there’s an inexpensive solution that might save you being asked that question every time your child or teenager struggles to keep him/herself occupied.

Carlisle Youth Zone (CYZ) offers a safe and fun environment where young people can enjoy themselves while developing their potential and learning life-long skills.

Membership costs just £5 a year and it’s open six night’s a week as well as at weekends and when the area’s schools are on holiday.

CYZ, which is based on Victoria Place next to the Richard Rose Central Academy, runs two main clubs: Junior Club (open to anyone between the ages of eight and 12) and Senior Club (for 13 to 18-year-olds). There’s also an Inclusion Club that’s aimed at those who might need a little extra time or support for whatever reason; whether it be a physical disability, learning difficulty or an Autism-spectrum condition.

Activities include sports, games, challenges, cooking, arts and crafts, singing, dancing – the list is endless.

Whatever your child’s hobbies, passions or interests there’s sure to be something for them to learn and enjoy while meeting up with friends or making new ones.

You can easily sign up your child or teenager with the click of a button, just head to their website or simply pop into Carlisle Youth Zone with your child or teenager during their opening times. These are listed on their website. 

Also you can get the latest from their social media pages; Facebook Twitter @CarlisleYZ and on Instagram @carlisleyouthzone 

Friday, 6 December 2019

Locally sustainably made honeys that will get you buzzing with excitement!

Known as an area of remote and rugged beauty, you might be surprised to discover that the unspoilt countryside of Cumbria’s far north is actually a hive of activity.

Well, it is at least for Helen Griggs and the thousands of workers that make her popular, top-quality products.

As you’ve probably guessed Helen is of course a honey producer and those workers are in fact bees. Based at Nook Farm – between the Scottish Border and the Northern Pennines at Bailey near Bewcastle - she has been making and selling specialist Nook Farm Honey since 2004.
Nook Farm 
She keeps 25 hives across four sites near her home where the bees can forage and gorge themselves on the numerous wildflower meadows holding willow herb, blackberry and clover that help give the honey its unique and distinctly Cumbrian flavour.

Producing between 500 and 600 jars of her own ‘Cumbrian Wildflower’ each year, Helen also buys in raw honey from other beekeepers that she packages under the Nook Farm label.

The honey is stored, filtered and bottled sustainably in a converted barn that’s powered by solar panels and a wood-fired biomass boiler.

And in the depths of winter when big blue skies and sunshine seem but a distant memory, Nook Farm’s honey can transport you away from the dark and cold to warmer memories. 

                                      Jar of Honey - Summer in a jar           Bee collecting pollen                                    
“It’s summer in a jar,” says Helen. “Not only does it taste great, but it’s packed full of natural antioxidants and has many health benefits.

“Our honey is treated with the utmost care from the time it leaves the hive and we make sure it retains every bit of natural flavour. We fine filter it to clean it but absolutely nothing is added or taken away during this process.”

        Helen Griggs inspecting the hives                                      Bees on honeycomb                                                            

Stocked at more than 40 shops and locations across Cumbria, from Barrow to Longtown, the company’s products are available online on

So why not pop over now on their fantastic website (delivery available to the rest of the UK as well) and get some of their honey to enjoy! Would also make great gifts to family and friends as can be enjoyed by itself, as a breakfast accompaniment and more! 

You can also check out the wonderful variety of wildlife that can be found and in and around Nook Farm under their Wildlife tab. Lovely to see and so many of them. 

Definitely also worth a look. 

You are also find them on Instagram @NookFarmHoney (you can also view this page on their gallery on their website).
Nook Farm Honey, Nook Farm, Bailey, Newcastleton, Cumbria, TD9 0TR  
Tel: 016977 48317

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Mission Christmas Appeal for more gifts for Teenage Boys!

I have long admired and supported CFM Cash for Kids including their Mission Christmas campaign and it is so easy to support it, when you do your shopping, just simply add another item and drop it off in their Mission Christmas boxes. The impact that your gift/s will make on a child or a teen will last a lifetime as well as ease the pressure of the parents who are already faced with many bills. It would truly make their Christmas!

Mission Christmas ensures that children and teenagers here in Cumbria have a present to open this Christmas morning. There is a shocking and sad statistic that 1 in 3 children are living in poverty so your gift/s are really needed. 
Also when you donate your gifts, CFM Cash for Kids make sure they get it to disadvantaged children near you. All gifts should be new and unwrapped, and you can drop them off at locations across our area. To find your nearest drop off, just head to the map on There are a 126 drop off points all over Cumbria, so do head to their website and type your postcode in to find out where you can drop off the gifts.

I had met Sara Oldham recently who is the charity executive at CFM Cash for Kids and had asked how it was going and she said that the response by the local people of Cumbria has been fantastic as well as the kindness of many local businesses to the many volunteers that have been helping out. She did mentioned that they are need more gifts for the teenagers, particularly teenage boys and suggested things like footballs, deodorant and socks.

Inspired by that, me and my family have gone and bought a number of items for them to gift to teenage boys. We had then dropped it off that the drop-off box at the B&M branch at St. Nicholas Gate Retail Park in Carlisle. When we dropped the items in the box, we had noted things like pyjamas so there can many items you can gift. 

So why not join in this community campaign and drop a gift/s off a drop off site to make a child or teen's Christmas! 

Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Go green with a Cumbrian zero emissions delivery service that doesn’t cost the earth

Owner Simon Brace alongside the Lakes Electric Delivery Service van. 

Need items delivered across Cumbria as a one-off or regularly in an environmentally friendly way? Well, look no further. Lakes Electric Delivery Service should be your first port of call. They provide zero emissions deliveries in an electric van for both businesses and individuals.

With years of delivery experience behind him and motivated by his wife acquiring an electric car (due to her workplace having electric vehicle charge points), Simon Brace was inspired to go green and create Lakes Electric Delivery Service (or L.E.D.S for short).

Charging at one of Cumbria's electric vehicle charge points. 

It’s a company that couldn’t be easier to use. Simon delivers pretty much anything in his van including auction lots, animal feed, Ebay/Gumtree/Preloved items, bottle crates, beer kegs, building/trade supplies, flowers, food items, special deliveries, even pallets if they fit! There are special rates for contract work with prices starting from just £5 for small items.

For companies around Cumbria wanting to highlight their carbon reduction credentials L.E.D.S is the ideal option as sponsors’ signage space (free to contract customers) is even offered on the van itself.

You’re welcome to book in advance, or on the day and even last-minute direct deliveries are available. Collections can be made from DIY stores, supermarkets and garden centres as well as from homes or businesses. All items are protected and secured with glass, mirrors and breakables fully insured.

The service is perfect for delicate items, as Simon is experienced and trained in transporting taxidermy and other fragile goods.

L.E.D.S delivers across the Lake District and wider Cumbria area but can provide quotes on an individual basis for transporting further afield. Commercial contracts are welcome.
Testimonials and reviews from customers who have used Lakes Electric Delivery Service below (these are genuine reviews which can be found on

Excellent job at a very good price would use again no question highly recommended (and carbon neutral)

Excellent local service with an commitment to eco transport.

Excellent service from collection to delivery, highly recommended would definitely use again.

Friendly, efficient & faultless. Thank again Simon! Highly recommend!

Highly recommended by this once stressed out student mover! Simon was brilliant and very patient

Fantastic in every way thank you so much!

To get a quote – just head to his website or call Simon Brace at Lakes Electric Delivery Service on 07885 937498 or email him via

You can also follow his zero emission delivery journey on the Lake Electric Delivery Service social media pages; Twitter @lakes_eco_van  and Facebook 

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Sunday, 24 November 2019

A Christmas Fair 'YULE' want to attend!

Yanwath School and Friends of Yanwath School cordially invite you their Christmas Fair at their school which is open for all to attend. It will be held on 11th of December 2019, 2:30 pm - 5:30pm. 

There will be a lot going on from a number of market stalls featuring local handmade produce such as handmade fudge and products. There will also be a FoYs raffle, Tombola, sweet stall and refreshments. Also there will be Calbeck Toys, Tropics, Country Cooks, Usbourne Book, Sugar Shack, Handmade by Michelle, Bampton Bathworks and Yew Barrow Flowers. Full list below on their flyer. 

There will also be an opportunity to meet Santa! So pencil this in and head on down there on that day. Address and postcode: Yanwath Primary School, Penrith, Cumbria, CA10 2LA.

Friday, 22 November 2019

A Quality Tea Blender Right in the Heart of Cumbria!

Y-tea of the Lake District's welcoming shop window display. 
Y-tea of the Lake District is fast becoming the one-stop shop and tea blender for quality teas, both loose tea and tea bag options, all beautifully packaged. They also have a caffeine free corner, tea accessories (like reusable cups, tea pots etc) as well as unique blends you won’t find elsewhere. 

You can find their fantastic shop at Stirling Place, 22-24 High Street in Cleator Moor here in Cumbria and go online on their website

The large selection of teas available at Y-Tea of the Lake District. 

What makes them different? Well, they only stock whole leaf tea, which means you won’t find any tea dust that you usually get in supermarket tea bags. 

Their tea pyramids are also 100% biodegradable, and made with a material called SOILON, a bi-product from corn starch so you know you are not damaging our beautiful planet when you are sipping away on a cup of Y-tea. 

Also all their teas are ethically sourced with their suppliers being FSSC 22000 certified (a food safety system certification) and part of the Ethical Tea Partnership (a fair trading organisation for tea suppliers).

Y-tea of the Lake District biodegradable tea bags. 

With Christmas fast approaching, you also have plenty of gift options such as their Festive stocking fillers and presents via their shop and online including Pick n Mix, Cumbrian Collection Hamper (featuring other local producers as well such as Hawkshead Relish, Penrith Toffee Shop, a Cumbrian Dialect Mug and more), beautiful teapots and their seasonal blend Christmas Cheer. 

You will also have started seeing a number of local establishments around Cumbria stocking their quality teas such as Richardson's Of Whitehaven, Shill’s Of Cockermouth, Lorton Village Shop, Food, Glorious Food in Carlisle and All Things Tea in Brampton.
Y-tea of the Lake District out delivering their quality tea to retailers and wholesale clients. 

In addition you can find them at various local markets including Keswick and Cockermouth as well as Food Festivals like the upcoming Taste Cumbria Christmas Food Festival in Cockermouth on the 7th and 8th of December.  

As well as supplying retailers, Y-tea of the Lake District also provide quality wholesale tea, so if you are a hotelier, restaurateur or a café owner interested in teas to serve your guests and customers or to compliment your Afternoon Teas, then look no further. Contact Thomas Cheung and the team for a chat or a quote- contact details below.
To buy their teas and products or to find out more, you can visit their shop, website, call them on 01946 444 608 or send them an email Also follow their social media pages for the company’s latest blends and products, competitions and more! Facebook; Y-tea of the Lake District @yteauk , on Instagram @ytea_uk and on Twitter @Ytea_uk

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Tuesday, 12 November 2019

JOIN IN Fun Fundraising Festivities to raise Funds for a Local Hospice

This December a local charity is encouraging fundraisers to pull on a Christmas Jumper, bake a Festive Cake or take part in a Yuletide Quiz to help the care, support and activities they provide to local people with life limiting illnesses.

Eden Valley Hospice and Jigsaw, Cumbria’s Children’s Hospice’s Festive Friday* *Or Any Other Day is all about covering yourself in tinsel and hosting a festive day of fundraising in aid of the charity. It is the perfect event for businesses, schools and community groups as they get into the Christmas spirit this December.


Natalie Bingham, Corporate Relationship Co-ordinator at the hospice said ‘’Last year we had over 50 businesses from across Cumbria taking part in their own Christmas Jumper Day in aid of Eden Valley Hospice and Jigsaw, which is absolutely fantastic! We are so thankful for this level of support and hope to beat that number this year if possible. The event is open to businesses, schools and organisations and we already have a number of businesses already signed up including Carlisle Brass, HSBC and Liberty Work & Leisurewear. It’s a really fun event to get involved with that not only gets you in the festive spirit, but also helps support your local hospice at the same time.’’

Over the past 2 years, lots of organisations have taken part in the Eden Valley Hospice and Jigsaw Christmas Jumper Day helping to raise over £7,500. This year, the local charity have expanded their Christmas Jumper Day into Festive Friday and are encouraging people to host a sponsored present wrap, a Christmas mug day or a bobble hat day. The festive fundraising possibilities really are endless.

One company who took part in the last year’s Christmas Jumper Day is Carlisle Brass, who will once again be supporting Eden Valley Hospice and Jigsaw this December. Rebecca Johnson, from Carlisle Brass explained “Eden Valley Hospice & Jigsaw do such amazing work in providing care for its patients. To support them by fundraising in a variety of ways is both important to our staff and a cause very close to our hearts - we’re very much looking forward to Festive Friday!” 

The money raised from this year’s Festive Friday* *Or Any Other Day will help Eden Valley Hospice and Jigsaw to provide the highest standards of care, support and activities to children and young adults with life limiting illnesses. This care and compassion is extended to all the patients’ family, friends and carers.

During Festive Friday the local charity are not forgetting about all those Bah Humbugs who might not be in the festive spirit this December. They too, can still join in the Festive Friday fundraising by creating a Bah Humbug box, making an extra donation to get out of the Christmas fun or hosting an anti-Christmas Party.

For your free fundraising pack or to find out more about this year’s Festive Friday* *Or Any Other Day please visit or contact Natalie Bingham, Corporate Relationship Co-ordinator, on 01228 516565. 

Monday, 11 November 2019


Everyone is invited to this FREE evening talk at Penrith Methodist Church this Thursday, 14th of November 2019 7:30 pm (easy to find at the corner of Drovers Lane / Wordsworth Street). There will be coffee and tea to follow. 
The talk will be "A Year in the Life of a Food Bank" with Adrian Cozens, Project Manager for the North Lakes Food Bank. Find out more on what they do and how they helps individuals and families in crisis, through the provision of emergency food supplies. 
Hope you can all attend. 
Adrian Cozens - Project Manager at North Lakes Food Bank

(This post was free and done on behalf of Penrith Methodist Church. Flyer designed free of charge by me- Mary Ballard of Ballard PR Agency / Feature Cumbria)