Friday, 6 December 2019

Locally sustainably made honeys that will get you buzzing with excitement!

Known as an area of remote and rugged beauty, you might be surprised to discover that the unspoilt countryside of Cumbria’s far north is actually a hive of activity.

Well, it is at least for Helen Griggs and the thousands of workers that make her popular, top-quality products.

As you’ve probably guessed Helen is of course a honey producer and those workers are in fact bees. Based at Nook Farm – between the Scottish Border and the Northern Pennines at Bailey near Bewcastle - she has been making and selling specialist Nook Farm Honey since 2004.
Nook Farm 
She keeps 25 hives across four sites near her home where the bees can forage and gorge themselves on the numerous wildflower meadows holding willow herb, blackberry and clover that help give the honey its unique and distinctly Cumbrian flavour.

Producing between 500 and 600 jars of her own ‘Cumbrian Wildflower’ each year, Helen also buys in raw honey from other beekeepers that she packages under the Nook Farm label.

The honey is stored, filtered and bottled sustainably in a converted barn that’s powered by solar panels and a wood-fired biomass boiler.

And in the depths of winter when big blue skies and sunshine seem but a distant memory, Nook Farm’s honey can transport you away from the dark and cold to warmer memories. 

                                      Jar of Honey - Summer in a jar           Bee collecting pollen                                    
“It’s summer in a jar,” says Helen. “Not only does it taste great, but it’s packed full of natural antioxidants and has many health benefits.

“Our honey is treated with the utmost care from the time it leaves the hive and we make sure it retains every bit of natural flavour. We fine filter it to clean it but absolutely nothing is added or taken away during this process.”

        Helen Griggs inspecting the hives                                      Bees on honeycomb                                                            

Stocked at more than 40 shops and locations across Cumbria, from Barrow to Longtown, the company’s products are available online on

So why not pop over now on their fantastic website (delivery available to the rest of the UK as well) and get some of their honey to enjoy! Would also make great gifts to family and friends as can be enjoyed by itself, as a breakfast accompaniment and more! 

You can also check out the wonderful variety of wildlife that can be found and in and around Nook Farm under their Wildlife tab. Lovely to see and so many of them. 

Definitely also worth a look. 

You are also find them on Instagram @NookFarmHoney (you can also view this page on their gallery on their website).
Nook Farm Honey, Nook Farm, Bailey, Newcastleton, Cumbria, TD9 0TR  
Tel: 016977 48317

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